Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mixing It Up

Mommy and Daddy have really been mixing it up lately. Some days Dad walks me in the mornings; it was always Mom in the mornings. And I always used to beg for my noon treat from Mom, but now Dad is home all day, so I beg both places but he thinks I'm greedy, not just confused, so I think I'll stick with Mom at noon. Usually I know who's going to give me which meal and which walk and which treat so my inner timer tells me whose feet to lie at when. Now I'm a little mixed up.

Plus, now they more often go away together. So I'm alone more now. Not for long, but still, I'm lonely. When they come home, I'm ecstatic. I gallop to Daddy and stand up tall with my paws on his legs and he bends down so I can lick his face all over. Then I charge over to Mommy and bury my face in her legs and talk and purr and talk and purr. Then I run to Daddy to tell him again how very very happy I am to see him. Then I nuzzle Mommy again. Today there were some going-away things piled near the back door. So when Mom took a shower, I thought she might be going away. I tried to climb into the shower with her to tell her I didn't want her to go away. Whew. She didn't go away. And whew again. She gently backed me out of the tub so I wouldn't get all wet. I hate getting wet almost as much as I hate being alone.

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