Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because of Josey

I'm always glad when Mommy is home and sad when she leaves. Well, at the actual moment of her leaving, I'm happy because I get a treat. But after, I'm lonely. For a few days now, she has been at home, and more importantly for me, wanting to take me for extra-long walks and to sit down on the floor more often and play fetch with me. Plus, suddenly she has pulled out her whole repertoire of pet names for me ~ Charliebarley, Babyboo, Boobear, Sweetiepie, Chunkymonkey, Hunnybunny, Funnybunny. (Me, I like just Charlie.) And every day now, she gives me a big hug from Tricia. This is a new one.

Today during my hug from Trish, Mom reminded me of four years ago when she and her dog Josey came to visit. I remember my tail-wagging joy when Josey padded into the kitchen ~ I had a doggie just my size to play with! She smiled and we sniffed, but I didn't know what games she liked to play, and I don't share my toys. So I decided to play tag. Or maybe I decided to sniff around her tail, and she decided to run away ~ I'm not sure how tag started. But it was so much fun.

She scuttled into the hall, and I scuttled into the hall. She ra
n into the kitchen, and I ran into the kitchen. For hours. Then we went on the patio to sniff bricks and weeds and bugs. When we came back inside the house, Josey trotted into the hall, with my nose right behind her behind. When Josey trotted into the kitchen, my nose followed. I would have tagged her, too, except she hightailed it over to her mom Tricia on the living room floor and snuggled her tail end right into Tricia's leg. Her mom petted her, and she looked real happy to be safe at last from my pursuit. So we rested from our game.

Mom said Tricia wanted me to have extra hugs this week because my sweet, smart playmate Josey is resting now from all her games, safe at last.

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