Friday, January 1, 2010

Just Give Me Some Snow

At least they didn't put that silly Santa hat on me this year. Or the ridiculous reindeer antlers. I did get three presents, two toys and a bag of treats, which I opened all by myself with my trusty pouncing-on-the-package method. My toys are real good, and I've been real good to not chew my toys apart ~ yet. My treats are real good too ~ too tiny, but they taste good. Lots of people came on Christmas, and they petted me. I even kissed Grandma. Then two days later more people came, including a little girl my size who chased me around and around and around.

I like when parties start and everybody comes in the door because I get to bark and smile and sniff everybody's knees. And I like the presents part. But I don't get any of the good food. And everybody else is so into the food and presents and talk talk talk, they don't play with me. So just give me some snow. Lots of snow. And take me for long walks in it. Show me some bunny tracks and mouse holes, pee rocks and poop piles. Let me sniff hello to all the other doggies on the trail. Let me bury my face in deep snow and bound up snow banks.

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