Monday, November 9, 2009

an excellent day

I like today. So far anyway. Mom put lots of broccoli in my food, and I really chowed down. She was slow to get me out for our walk, but we got there. And instead of going around the block for my morning paper route (we take newspapers off wet grass and put them on dry porches ~ well, Mom does, while I give her a dirty look because I'd rather be walking), today we walked all the way up to the farm. No sidewalks, no papers, no porches ~ yay! I stood and looked around at all the brown, floppy plants while Mom picked broccoli. We had a close call. As I was sitting down in the garden, she noticed I was just about to plant my tooshie on a mooshie punkin, so she swooped me up in her arms real fast. Whew, I thought, I won't have to get a bath. But when we got home, I did have to have my paws washed. At least it wasn't a bath. On my walk I got to sniff two doggies, Sam and Spike. Sam was huge and black; Spike teensy and black. Now I'm snoozing on my chair in the kitchen. Mom put a birdie and lots of veggies into a big pot and I just hope the birdie wasn't one of the big white birdies I saw at the farm a few weeks ago. They walked jerky-like and had wavy red hats on their little white heads. They squawked with their beaks. Anyway, the pot smells real good so I think I'll stay right here.

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