Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Game

Hot diggity dog, the mailman came today and I invented a new game. He stepped inside the door to talk to Mom and Dad, and of course he knelt down to scratch me in all my favorite spots. I wiggled a lot to get scratched everywhere. But the silly adults kept talking, and the mailman wasn't concentrating on his scratching job, so I had to mix things up a bit. I calmly strolled out of the front hallway as though I was done with all the scratching. But I surprised everyone by galloping full-speed back down the hall to greet the mailman afresh. He scratched me all over. When he slowed down again ~ and the adults were still yammering ~ I sauntered away again, then galloped back. I gave my hello licks all over again and he loved on me again. I liked my new game.

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