Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reuben, you'll always be alpha

I'm sorry the first post of my current blog will be a sad one. That's just how it is. You might remember from the Pittsburgh trip that I had a cousin Reuben. He's big and black and gentle (but he stood his ground when I barked at him) and he shared his water bowl with me. Anyway, the other day, Mommy's eyes rained on her face because Reuben was gone. Aunt Joan and Uncle John took Reuben for his last ride in the car. Reuben was very very tired and hurty so they took him someplace where he can get lots of rest and won't hurt any more. I guess that's a good thing for Reuben. But I am sad that I won't get to see the only doggie cousin I ever knew again or thank him for the ball he gave me in Pittsburgh. I play with that ball all the time, and it still squeaks good. Here's to you, Reuben ~ squeak, squeak, squeak. You'll always be alpha dog. Oh, no, Mommy's eyes are raining again.

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Maria said...

Well, Jane, you made me cry. I also had an "aha" moment. Why do
people so readily cry when it comes
to the loss of a dog...and not cry
so readily when it's a human. I
thought maybe it's because we have
no walls up, no hangups, no conflicts, etc: with our's just pure love back and barriers.